My name is Pastor Morris A. Curry, Jr and I am the Senior Pastor and Protestant Chaplain of the Garden Chapel Christian Fellowship the Protestant Chapel at San Quentin State Prison. I would like to lend my support and appreciation for the ministry of Brother Philip T. Hicks and his comedic approach to presenting the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

As a Pastor for the last 22 years, I am very protective about what kind of presentations come before the congregation, and before allowing anyone to take the Pulpit I must be sure that the speaker has a relationship with Jesus, and that they are able to present Christ Biblically. Brother Hicks has both, to the point that Brother Hicks who joined us last year is scheduled to return this year for two Worship Services for our congregation. You might say that Prison is a hard place to minster, especially if the audience are men in a prison population of 4,600 who are serving anywhere for 25 years to Life, some without the possibility of parole, but If anyone is “Baptized in Pickle Juice” Brother Hicks will sweeten them up with his humor and if any has a hardened heart his message of Christ will soften it. I wholeheartedly recommend his ministry.

Rev. M.A. Curry, Jr.San Quentin Office of the Protestant Chaplain CSP-SQ

Evangelist/Comedian Phillip Hicks is a big hit in the Florida State Prison System, he has been active in our prisons for the last three years and continues to be invited back. His programs are well received and well attended and the chaplains love him. He has ministered in both our men’s and women’s units. The word that Chaplain Fox at Wakulla used is “connected”. Philip connected with the men and they in turn listened to his message when he got serious with them. He can speak on their level which I hope is a complement! He has entertained and challenged in 12 of our prisons and he is always welcome back. Chaplain Mitchell who is at the female facility at Hernando says he had the girls in tears laughing at his jokes and when he did an alter call he had the girls in tears again. His only comment to me was; when can he come back. Those of us in the Florida Department of Corrections consider him a friend. I know you will be blessed with his ministry.

Douglas L. Gingerich Correctional Chaplaincy Services Specialist

Yesterday I was visiting in the Chapel of one of the institutions that I supervise. Philip had visited over a month ago. The Chaplain and the inmates were still talking about the presentation he had made. One inmate marvelled at how he could do comedy with the word woven in. The inmate also remarked about the powerful preaching.

I have also had occasion to distribute Philip’s book to inmates. They all comeback with appreciation for the simple and direct story and of the power of the Gospel revealed in his life. It gives a message of hope and change (that you can realy believe in :). I beleive Philip will be effective in any venue and with any group that he may have opportunity to share with.

Patrick L. Donaldson Ed.D. Chaplaincy Services Specialist

I have been in contact with Phil Hicks and have begun to read his biography. Based on what I’ve read so far and of his reputation for ministry among bikers, I recommend him in the upcoming ministry Cross & Daggers. In his B.C. days (before Christ got hold of him) Phil seen and did it all which gives him special insight into the minds of rough bikers and, I believe, the ability to communicate to their hearts from one whose life was radically transformed by the Gospel.

RMC is Florida’s largest state prison. I looked expectantly for Phil’s coming to minister to our men, many who would never respond to the average Christian but will give ear to one who biked for many years.

Dennis DurantChaplain Supervisor

Greetings in the name of Jesus! I am the director of prison ministry at James River Assembly in Ozark Missouri. I had the pleasure of meeting and ministering with Brother Philip Hicks while he lived in the Springfield, Missouri area. Brother Philip has is very passionate about and effective in reaching the lost. His book “The Cross & the .357 Magnum” is a very compelling story of his life and reveals the Christian growth in our brother as a Christian and in ministry. I was very sorry to see him leave our area but excited about God’s call on his life. I know God will open many doors to him in ministry because of his great effectiveness. I do not think that you will find anyone who has a more dynamic or effective ministry than Brother Philip Hicks. His love for Jesus is evident and contageous.

I give you my highest recommendation to this brother and his ministry in anything that he would do. I look forward to the day when I could once again work with him in prison ministry to bring lost souls to the cross of Jesus Christ. The fire that burns within him to win the lost is an encouragement to me. I pray that he encourages you in ministry as well. Thank you for prayerfullly considering our wonderful brother Philip to your annual “Cross & Daggers” event. May God richly bless you as you reach out to the lost in our world.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at this email me or feel free to call.

Wanda Rudolph James River Assembly Prison Ministry Director
I am writing in reference to Brother Phillip Hicks. Our ministry, We Care Program, partnered with Phillip last year in scheduling programs at a number of correctional facilities where we have staff persons serving as assistant chaplains.

David R. Landis President, We Care ProgramVisit Website